Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) Station Consultation

The Peace River Area Monitoring Program (PRAMP) operates 5 air monitoring stations in the Peace River area. One of the stations – the Portable AQHI Station – is moved to a new location in the area every 18 to 24 months. Moving the station provides air quality information for more locations in the region. The station has been in Grimshaw since November 2021 and prior to Grimshaw, the station was located near Cadotte Lake. PRAMP is planning to move the Portable AQHI Station in the fall of 2023. This short survey is part of PRAMP’s consultation process to identify and assess possible locations for the station. If you have questions about the survey or PRAMP’s air monitoring program, please contact PRAMP’s Technical Program Manager, Mike Bisaga at

1. We’d like to know your general perception about local air quality. How would you rate the overall air quality in the Peace River and surrounding area (scale of 1-5)?(Required)
2. Are you aware of concerns about air quality in the Peace River or PRAMP area (refer to map for PRAMP area boundaries)?(Required)
Please provide as much detail as possible about the location of the issue in the field above.
Please list your comments or questions in the field above.
5. If we require more information, or to answer your questions, can we contact you?(Required)
PRAMP will only contact you if you want us to - we will not share your contact information with anyone.
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