2020 – 2021 PRAMP Annual Report

In 2021, Peace River Area Monitoring Program (PRAMP) is celebrating five years as a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder, consensus-based organization. Read about some of the organizational highlights in our 5 Year History summary document.


Other highlights specific to our 2020-2021 year include:

  • Successfully navigating the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions with the delivery of 24/7 air monitoring and reporting, new online education, and effective governance with regular online meetings
  • PRAMP boundary review and expansion
  • Extensive stakeholder engagement initiatives to invite feedback on the results PRAMP has achieved and to provide input for our future goals, including stakeholder meetings, written comments and input from online surveys


We welcome you to read our Annual Report for a summary of our revenue and expenses, a list of our Board of Directors and more details on these initiatives.


Reach out if you have questions, ideas or would like to get involved with some of the exciting things we are doing at PRAMP to ensure healthy air for the Peace River area.



2018-2019 Annual Data Review


Each year PRAMP prepares an Annual Data Review that reports and analyzes its monitoring data for the previous two years. A summary of long-term trends as well as monitoring data from other areas of Alberta are also presented. Three types of data are included: continuous monitoring, meteorological measurements and discrete canister samples. We invite you to review the reports and contact us with any questions.









Annual Provincial Air Quality Report

Alberta Airsheds Council has prepared this 2020 Alberta Airsheds Air Quality Report to provide a summary of the air quality data that is monitored and collected in our province by Alberta’s Airsheds, including PRAMP.

This information is important to share with Albertans because air quality affects our health and our environment. Click on the report to read about the state of air quality in the province.